Brain Aging and the Green Diet

By Ed-Daoui Salma

Introduction :

Recent research conducted at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev reveals the positive effects of a green Mediterranean diet on brain health. This article discusses the study’s key findings and sheds light on the significant impact of weight loss and dietary habits on slowing down brain aging.

The Impact of Weight Loss on Brain Aging:

Researchers uncovered a remarkable connection between weight loss through the green Mediterranean diet and a significant reduction in mental decline.

Astonishingly, for every 1% decrease in body weight, participants experienced the incredible outcome of their brains appearing almost nine months younger.

These eye-opening findings highlight the crucial role of weight management in safeguarding and promoting optimal brain health.

Sub-Study of the DIRECT-PLUS Trial:

Sub-study of DIRECT-PLUS trial with 102 obese individuals confirms: Green Mediterranean diet reduces mental decline.

The Role of Dietary Habits:

 The green Mediterranean diet stands out for its high content of Dietary choices that can promote a younger brain, highlighting the importance of polyphenols.

Promising Results and Health Measures:

The study demonstrated that 1% weight loss resulted in 9-month younger brain age in 18 months, with improved liver health.

Implications for a Healthy Lifestyle:

The findings underscore the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to maintain brain health. Choosing healthier foods and sticking to the green Mediterranean diet is vital for a younger brain and combating obesity-related mental decline.


Ben-Gurion University’s study reveals the impact of a green Mediterranean diet and weight loss on brain aging. By following this diet and shedding pounds, individuals can slow mental decline. These findings have global implications for healthcare and obesity.

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