Online Schools for Psychology: Unveiling Degree Benefits

Online Schools for Psychology

Online schools for psychology offer students the flexibility to earn a degree in psychology without having to attend traditional on-campus classes. These programs are typically designed for working adults or students who have other commitments that make it difficult to attend a brick-and-mortar school. Online psychology programs typically offer the same core coursework as traditional … Read more

Schizophrenia Research Breakthrough

DNA double helix representing genetic research breakthrough in schizophrenia

Introduction A recent study published in the journal Cell Genomics on July 6 has unveiled a significant breakthrough in schizophrenia research. Study links corporeal genetic mutations to schizophrenia, revealing non-inherited genetic mutations’ role in psychiatric disorders, involving 20,000 blood samples and NRXN1 and ABCB11 genes. This groundbreaking finding opens up fresh avenues for exploring other … Read more

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: Revolutionary Blood Biomarker Discovery

Image depicting a researcher examining blood samples for Alzheimer's biomarkers.

Cutting-Edge Research Challenges Prevailing Amyloid Theory The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has made a groundbreaking ceremony uncovering the field of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers find abnormal astrocyte activation and amyloidal burden predict future Alzheimer’s onset, contradicting widely accepted belief. This finding has immense implications for drug development and offers new avenues for Alzheimer’s breakthrough. … Read more

Emotional Management: 11 Strategies for Strength

Illustration depicting a person practicing emotional management techniques.

Introduction: Emotional management plays a vital role in maintaining good mental health. Mentally strong individuals have honed effective strategies to navigate and control their emotions. This article delves into eleven key habits and techniques they employ for successful emotional management. Recognizing the Temporary Nature of Emotions: Mentally strong people understand that emotions, both positive and … Read more

Psychedelics and Critical Periods

Illustration depicting the connection between psychedelics and critical periods in brain development, symbolizing enhanced learning potential.

Introduction: Scientists have been exploring methods to reopen “critical periods” in the brain, allowing mammals to be more receptive to environmental signals that influence brain development. Recent research on mice indicates that psychedelic drugs have the ability to reopen these critical periods, albeit with varying durations. This article examines the Psychedelics and Critical Periods and … Read more