Squat Benefits: Why it Should Be Your New Go-To Position

benefits of squat

I was as of late on an excursion with a companion that elaborate a lot of strolling around another city. During a snapshot of break, I saw she dropped into a profound crouching position, as opposed to thudding down on a close by seat as I did. At the point when I inquired as to … Read more

How Meditating in the Morning Can Transform Your Entire Routine

Why Meditating is More Than Just Nice

A couple of straightforward, day to day propensities can assist you with expanding your life expectancy even from the solace of your own home. Ordinary exercises like housework and cultivating have comparable advantages as an exercise, lessening illness chance and lift energy and imperativeness, as indicated by an impending docuseries called “Live to 100: Privileged … Read more

AF Ablation Challenges in Mitral Valve Surgery

Surgeons performing AF ablation during mitral valve surgery

Introduction Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common cardiac condition that often coexists with mitral valve disease. It is recommended that patients scheduled for mitral valve surgery also undergo concomitant AF ablation. However, a significant proportion of these patients do not welcome this conjunctive treatment. This article summarizes a study conducted by Mehaffey et al., titled … Read more

Vaccines in Cancer Treatment

Medical researchers studying vaccines in cancer treatment.

BY SALMA ED-DAOUI Introduction Scientists are optimistic about the potential of vaccines to revolutionize malignant neoplastic disease treatment, aiming to shrivel tumors and prevent malignant neoplastic disease recurrence. malignant neoplastic disease prevention corpse a pressing public health challenge, prompting undefined studies and search in pursuit of groundbreaking therapies for this lethal disease. Advancements in Cancer … Read more

Back Health: 6 Expert Tips for an Active Life

Illustration of a person engaging in back-strengthening exercises

BY SALMA ED-DAOUI Introduction Are you tired of struggling with back pain? Whether it’s a persistent discomfort or a debilitating condition, back pain significantly impacts your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. Fortunately, thither are stairs you tin take to support your back wellness and retrieve control over your life. Here are six expert tips … Read more