Awareness of Anti-Obesity Medications in Saudi Arabia



This study aims to evaluate the perception and perception of the community regarding anti-obesity medications in three cities of Saudi Arabia: Hail, Riyadh, and Al-Ahsaa. Employing an analytical, cross-sectional design, an electronic questionnaire was distributed among adult males and females aged 18 to 60 years. The questionnaire comprised three sections, covering demographic data, general recognition and perception of anti-obesity medications, and reasons for refusing to take them. A total of 1073 participants completed the questionnaire, and 55.6% demonstrated good awareness of anti-obesity medications. Factors associated with higher awareness included being female, residing in Riyadh, holding post-graduate degrees, and working in the healthcare field. However, a noteworthy proportion of participants with low awareness expressed reluctance to take these medications due to concerns about potential side effects. The study underscores the significance of dispelling misconceptions and enhancing community awareness of anti-obesity drugs.


A total of 1073 participants completed the questionnaire, with females constituting the majority (55.4%). The study revealed that 55.6% of participants possessed a good perception regarding anti-obesity medications. Riyadh-based participants exhibited higher awareness levels compared to those from Hail. Females, individuals holding post-graduate degrees, and healthcare professionals displayed better overall awareness. The study also exposed prevalent misconceptions and concerns regarding potential side effects among participants with low awareness. Nevertheless, 67.5% of respondents expressed willingness to employ anti-obesity medications if recommended by their physicians.


In conclusion, this study highlights the generally favorable recognition levels of anti-obesity medications among participants, particularly in Riyadh. However, individuals with low awareness harbor significant misconceptions and apprehensions regarding potential side effects. Addressing these misconceptions and enhancing community perception is imperative to ensure the effective utilization of anti-obesity medications. Healthcare professionals should assume a pivotal role in educating and guiding patients regarding the benefits and risks associated with these medications.


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