Al Pacino Becomes a Father at 83: a New Arrival


His friend gave birth… Al Pacino becomes a father at the age of 83. Just one month after announcing her pregnancy, veteran star Al Pacino (83 years old) announced the birth of his fourth child with his Kuwaiti producer girlfriend, Noor Al-Falah (29 years old), without disclosing the name or gender of the child. Al Pacino and Noor Al-Falah welcomed their child, according to an exclusive report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” where a representative for the couple announced the happy news in an official statement. “It’s a boy… Roman Pacino,” the statement read. The newspaper also published pictures of the couple enjoying a dinner date in West Hollywood recently.

Al Pacino father at 83:Noor Al-Falah Spotted with Child Seat

Noor Al-Falah was seen driving the car with a child seat in the back. This outing was also the first time the new parents were seen together since the announcement of their baby news.

The news was also confirmed by the renowned entertainment magazine TMZ, which mentioned that Noor Al-Falah gave birth to her first child, the fourth child of her partner Al Pacino.

Noor, who has a love story with the veteran Oscar-winning actor, appeared in a stylish black suit and carried a matching coat, completing her look with black shoes and leaving her black hair flowing.

The Fourth Child It is worth noting that Al Pacino revealed that he is expecting his fourth child with his Kuwaiti-American producer girlfriend Noor Al-Falah, according to TMZ. They started their relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Noor Al-Falah: The Kuwaiti-American Model and Producer

The name of Kuwaiti Noor Al-Falah dominated the media and social media platforms worldwide after Al Pacino announced that he is expecting his fourth child with her, leaving many who do not know her wondering about the identity of the Kuwaiti-American model and producer who is 53 years younger than him. The famous actor has three children from previous relationships. He had his first daughter, Julie Marie, who is 33 years old, with his acting coach Jan Tarrant in 1988.

He also has twins, Anton and Olivia, The twins are now 22 years old.

Al Pacino’s Doubts and DNA Test for Paternity Confirmation

DNA Test Al Pacino will be 100 years old when his new child turns 17!

Al Pacino was certain that he would not be able to have children with his girlfriend or any other woman. So, He underwent a DNA test for proof.

Al Pacino’s insistence on a DNA test confirms his paternity

The website adds, “We were told that he insisted Noor take the test… and the test showed that he is indeed the father.”

This surpasses Robert De Niro, 79 years old, who recently had a child with Tiffany Chen.

In 2014, Pacino spoke to The New York Times and said, “I’m responsible to them, and I’m part of their lives.”

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