Mpox Prevention in Milwaukee: Stay Safe


The city of Milwaukee has reported a positive case of mpox, the first such case since March 20. And with 37 cases of smallpox recorded in Milwaukee so far, health officials are working to raise awareness of the risks associated with this viral infection, especially for men. Those who have sex with men and engage in multiple or anonymous sexual relationships In this article, we’ll explore the symptoms, prevention methods, and treatment options available for smallpox while providing important information to help readers stay safe.

Mpox Prevention: Understanding Smallpox and its Symptoms

MPOX is a viral infection that presents a variety of symptoms. Typically, within three weeks of exposure to the virus, people may experience painful, uncomfortable rash or blister-like sores. In addition to these skin manifestations, chickenpox can also cause flu-like illness, adding to the general discomfort. It’s vital that you remain vigilant when identifying these symptoms so that you can seek prompt medical attention.

The importance of prevention

To date, there is no specific approved treatment for mpox, which underlines the importance of preventive measures. To limit the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health suggests the following recommendations:

Prioritize vaccination: The two-dose JYNNEOS mumps vaccine is strongly recommended as the best defense against varicella infection. Visit an MHD health clinic or local healthcare facility to get vaccinated. To find the nearest vaccination site, return to or use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccination Locator Tool.

Minimize skin contact: To reduce the risk of varicella transmission, avoid skin contact with the rash. Refrain from touching the rash or scales of a person infected with chickenpox. In addition, it is advisable to refrain from kissing, cuddling, hugging, or engaging in sexual activity with a person who has chickenpox.

Seek medical help

If you suspect exposure to chickenpox or develop symptoms associated with the infection, it’s essential to contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Tell them about your symptoms or exposure history and allow them to provide appropriate testing and care. In the absence of a healthcare provider, contact your local health department for advice on the necessary steps to take.


The recent case of smallpox in Milwaukee underlines the importance of vigilance and preventive measures to combat the spread of this viral infection. By prioritizing vaccination with the JYNNEOS mpox vaccine, avoiding skin contact with rashes, and seeking medical help when needed, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of contracting and transmitting chickenpox. Stay informed and take proactive steps to protect yourself and others in the community.

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