Hyundai Motor America Achieves Record-breaking Sales in March 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Hyundai Motor America revealed that they achieved an extraordinary total of 75,404 unit sales for March, a staggering 27% increase from the same time last year. This remarkable feat marks the best March in the history of the company, leaving industry experts perplexed as to how they managed such a feat.

What’s more astonishing is that this was their fifth consecutive month of breaking total monthly sales records, which is a significant achievement for any company. The surge in sales was led by an outstanding performance from the Venue, which saw a whopping increase of 74%. Other notable contributors were the Elantra HEV with an impressive 37% growth, Tucson HEV with a 52% increase, and Kona N with a modest 5% growth rate.

March also saw an unprecedented sales record for the Santa Cruz, with an all-time best-ever retail and total sales record of 30%. Santa Fe HEV also set a new sales record with an astounding 123% growth rate. Retail sales increased by 15% to reach 68,312 units, led by Venue, Elantra HEV, Santa Fe HEV, Tucson HEV, Santa Cruz, and Kona N.

Furthermore, Hyundai’s eco-friendly vehicle sales rose by an astonishing 20%, accounting for 17% of retail sales, which is a significant milestone for the company. Hyundai fleet sales were also commendable, comprising 9.4% of the total volume for the month.

Randy Parker, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, stated, “March 2023 will be a month to remember and a great way to finish the quarter with our fifth straight month of record total sales.” The company is set to make an exciting announcement at the New York International Auto Show with the launch of the all-new Kona, which will undoubtedly generate buzz among industry experts and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary of Hyundai Hope On Wheels, making it an exciting time for the company and its customers.

The first quarter of 2023 saw a total sales growth of 16%, reaching an impressive 184,449 units, with retail sales up by 6% to 169,491 units. The company also set new Q1 total and retail sales records for Venue, Elantra N, Santa Fe HEV, Tucson, Tucson HEV, Santa Cruz, and Kona EV, leaving industry analysts bursting with excitement.

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