AI-Powered Tools and Smart Glasses by Meta

Ray-Ban glasses use artificial intelligence

Meta bets on the metaverse in its products

Facebook owns new AI-Powered Tools and celebrity-endorsed digital assistants, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes they will help launch the shift towards the metaverse.

Zuckerberg showcased the artificial intelligence program, along with the company’s new virtual reality headset “Quest 3” and the latest smart Ray-Ban glasses, on Wednesday at the Meta Reality Developers Conference at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Users of various chat applications on Facebook, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, will soon be able to share digital stickers that can be created automatically through written commands using AI-powered chatbots like “Chat GPT.”

Zuckerberg also introduced new editing AI-Powered Tools, which will be used next month in Meta-owned Instagram app, allowing users to change their photos through commands.

The company’s “Emiu” model operates the new artificial intelligence tools. Zuckerberg described this technology as a sibling to the “La Lama” family, which is a language generation program. He said that “Emiu” can create images in about 5 seconds.

Users will eventually be able to create realistic images automatically, similar to the “Made Journey AI” application within the “Discord” messaging service.

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Meta has partnered with many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Mr. Beast, and Kendall Jenner to represent digital characters.

Meta has partnered with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Mr. Beast, and Kendall Jenner to represent digital characters (French). For example, users can ask travel-related questions to a digital assistant named Lorena – played by the famous actress Padma Lakshmi – and Lorena is supposed to provide personalized travel tips.

Zuckerberg said that users will eventually be able to create their own digital assistants, but the company wants to test this capability with selected companies before rolling it out on a wider scale.

The grand plan is for people to interact with these digital assistants operating on artificial intelligence in Meta’s yet-to-be-built metaverse, a digital world that will cost Meta trillions of dollars.

While Zuckerberg is still deeply involved in the metaverse transition, he talks more about artificial intelligence than he did in previous “Connect” conferences. He said that the company’s investments in artificial intelligence are tied to building the foundation for the metaverse, as evident from the latest “Ray-Ban” smart glasses developed with “Eslor Luxotica.”

The new glasses, which will cost $299 when available for purchase on October 17th, come with the “Meta AI” program so that people can identify landmarks or translate signs when looking at different things.

Zuckerberg believes that “the artificial intelligence part of these glasses will be equally important,” as artificial intelligence makes smart glasses more convincing.

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