what is a swot analysis and why is it helpful?

What is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT Analysis or the Quadruple Swat Matrix, or the Quadruple Analysis Tool is one of the strategic analysis tools, and it is an analytical method that helps determine the points of weakness and strength, and realize the quality of threats and the nature of the opportunities available and affecting the establishments, and SWOT analysis is one of the important systems for preparing designing strategies for the business sector; By presenting a set of plans, whether short or long-term, the emergence and emergence of SWOT analysis dates back to a group of research issued by the Stanford Institute during the period between 1960 and 1970.

Elements of SWOT Analysis

They are the basic and main elements on which this analysis depends in evaluating the work of enterprises, and helping them to make decisions based on strategic planning, and the following is information about each of them:

strength point

Elements or strengths (in English: Strengths), are the elements that contribute to distinguishing the project or the company from other companies, and the strengths constitute a set of capabilities available within the facility, and contribute to achieving its demands and ridding it of the threats surrounding it, and examples of which are the presence of Competent people in the work environment such as trainees and managers, access to adequate financial resources, and use of technology.

Weak points

Elements or weaknesses, are the elements that show signs of weakness in the company or project, and weaknesses represent that deficit affecting the facility, and prevents it from reaching its goals, examples of which are the emergence of problems in the distribution and export of services and products.


Opportunities elements, are the elements that represent the external factors belonging to the facility or project, and reflect positive effects, for example, they may help to raise the profit rate or increase the sale of products, and opportunities constitute all trends or conditions that help achieve the desired goal, and from Examples include the emergence of cooperation between enterprises.


Threats are the elements that constitute influences from outside the facility or project, and lead to its being affected by a clear threat, and result in disturbance in the work environment of the facility or project, and threats represent all conditions of external sources that negatively affect the efficiency and quality of work within An example of a threat is that people are not interested in buying the company’s own products.

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