Bad air quality continues in Utah

Bad air quality continues in Utah.


Post Author: FOX 13 News Utah

2 thoughts on “Bad air quality continues in Utah

  • ShRed Vines

    (November 21, 2020 - 4:32 am)

    1. INDUSTRY is over half of the problem: Those being honest will acknowledge that industry, specifically the refineries in North Salt Lake/Woods Cross, Magna and the magnesium plant and medical waste facilities west of the valley are over 50% of our issues.

    2. INVERSION traps the pollution in our valley and there is no escape. This has led to higher rates of respiratory illness and diminished quality of life, particularly for children, elderly and those facing other health challenges. It is unjustifiable and inexcusable to refine oil, metals and burn toxic waste in this valley. It should be moved out of our airstream path and out of here entirely.
    3. MONITORING of the actual pollutants is not even happening. We only monitor particulate and CO. There are hundreds of toxic chemicals that are being pumped out of these places and it seems a disinformation campaign has been underway by their lobby to focus only on those 2 things. Having lived by refineries for decades, I've noticed a pattern where they pump out horrendous black and strange colored smoke at night and on weekends, particularly on holiday weekends. This is done when inspectors are not likely to be around. We should be monitoring (at a minimum) all areas near refineries where there is housing to tell the real story of what some people are breathing in – particularly those who live in affordable housing in close proximity to those refineries. I think you'll be horrified at the findings as I've been near apartments in North Salt Lake at times when the air was barely breathable. We simply do not monitor what we should. We should have stations throughout the Wasatch front that monitor 24×7 and far more than just particulate and CO.

    4. REGULATION of oil and other industries prevents them from moving the refineries out of this valley, which would be the responsible thing to do. No new oil refineries have been approved in this country for decades, so we are stuck with them here in the valley due to our own short sighted approach that traps them here.

    5. POLITICS are of great interest to all industries and the lobby for these refineries and polluting companies is a massive issue. I've spoken 1on1 with many men and women holding office in Utah and their talking points are so in sync, it's as if they received talking points from these lobbies.

    6. HONESTY Until we are honest about all of this, nothing will change. We have fallen victims to the "Streetlight Effect" where we focus on what we're told is the problem and look where the light is shining, rather than for where the real problems lie. You can't just blame cars and commuters. They are a big part of the problem but we have unique issues here with inversion, densely located refineries and industries that have nowhere for their noxious emissions to go but our lungs.

    St. Mark

    (November 21, 2020 - 4:32 am)

    its the smoke of lies emanating from the souls in utah. a smokescreen.

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