FSU coach Mike Norvell on medical team calling off Clemson game 'We can't

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida State-Clemson disagreement continued Monday. FSU football coach Mike Norvell reiterated the Seminoles want to …


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1 thought on “FSU coach Mike Norvell on medical team calling off Clemson game 'We can't

  • Jess Julian

    (December 29, 2020 - 2:38 pm)

    The ACC and member schools agreed to a set of rules (protocols) regarding playing games. When issues arise officials refer to the protocols. If all conditions are met, you move forward. It is my understanding that all conditions were met to play. ACC conditions/officials. FSU then decided they were not comfortable with the risks they agreed to and decided not to play. So FSU thinks that gives them the right to choose what game they want to play or not play. No, it gives you the right to forfeit game you don't want to play. And that is exactly what you did.
    What is really going on here. No one can say with certainty, but FSU decision makers. But we all know what it looks like, it quacks, it waddles, it scraps all over the place. It has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the game, so it must be a Duck, or a really good impostor for a football team. Or it could be a real football team that is beat up pretty bad and knows it well have a better chance of winning by postponing until December and getting healthy. So they don't want to go by the rules they agreed to so they create a smoke screen and try some hockey pokey crap. And since nobody cares about watching a game they already know the winner of, darned if they don't get away with it.
    I know all the Clemson haters are going to come out of their outhouses and start throwing crap in all directions. I say bring it on because I don't care. If you can't beat them then hate them.

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