Robert De Niro Becomes a Dad of Seven at 79

Robert De Niro, one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, has announced that he has become a father for the seventh time at the age of 79. The actor revealed the news during a recent interview with NBC’s “Today” show.

De Niro, who is known for his roles in classic films such as “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull,” spoke about his newborn daughter and how she has brought joy to his life. “I just had a baby, yes,” he said. “It’s my eighth child. I’m very happy.”

The baby, whose name and exact birthdate have not been revealed, is De Niro’s second child with his wife, Grace Hightower. The couple, who first met in 1987, were married in 1997 and have a son named Elliot. De Niro also has four other children from previous relationships.

Despite his advanced age, De Niro said that he has been enjoying fatherhood once again. “It’s been a while,” he said. “It’s just been really interesting to be able to have a child in my 70s.”

De Niro’s announcement has sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with many people expressing their surprise and congratulations to the actor. Some have also pointed out the challenges of having a child at an older age, including health risks and the potential for a significant age gap between the child and their siblings.

Nevertheless, De Niro seems to be embracing the joys of fatherhood once again, and his latest addition to the family is sure to bring plenty of happiness and excitement to their lives.

Throughout his career, De Niro has received numerous accolades for his work in film, including two Academy Awards and the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in film. He has also been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for his political activism and involvement in various social causes. As he continues to make waves in Hollywood and beyond, De Niro’s latest role as a father of seven shows that he is not slowing down anytime soon. Congratulations to the De Niro family on their new addition!

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