REVERSE AGING: How To Extend Your Lifespan OVER 120+ YEARS

REVERSE AGING: How To Extend Your Lifespan OVER 120+ YEARS

so that is aging right there it’s this what we call dna methylation pattern that changes over time and i can read that and tell you how old you are exactly within about five percent error and predict when you’re going to die.

how to understand reverse aging really and how to live longer:

how to live younger and how to reverse aging is kind of one of the main things you’re known for correct that is correct yes, we were talking beforehand that is a massive fear death is a big fear for a lot of people, some people you meet who are spiritually enlightened and they’re just like i know this is a part of life and it’s okay and it’s gonna be fine but you have experienced things on the other side where it hasn’t always been as pretty to witness death and i’m curious.

I want to talk about why you got in this field in a second but i want to give people a few hacks that you’ve learned recently to help people with the reversing aging process what would you say are a couple daily things we can think about or do to start reversing that aging process yeah well we we now know enough that you can definitely slow it down and we’ve done yeah!

we’ve had some breakthroughs that seem to reverse it as well that they’re still experimental but we’re talking about one day being able to reverse the age of the body by 50-75 percent we do that in mice now we can cure old age blindness and this kind of stuff but importantly what can we do now to stay alive till those technologies come online five ten years from now so there if there’s one thing that i could say to everybody if there was only one thing it would be to eat less often okay i used to say eat this or that but actually i believe that when you eat is just as important as what you eat perhaps even more so and so i’ve changed my life accordingly.

so there’s that you know there’s often there’s the exercise thing but that’s really true and i’ll tell you why it works actually that’s important to know um and you know you’re a fit guy so you’re doing all those things by the way you look really young thank you right i would have thought maybe in your 20s but you’re actually in yeah i’ll be 39 in two months it’s impressive yeah i mean yeah you can’t even see the stitches exactly no it’s really great you haven’t aged since.

i first met you and that’s been a while yeah uh and then the the third thing would be to eat plants more plants but plants in particular that have been stressed out so you can stress plants before you pick them there’s organic of course but you can pick the fruits and vegetables after they’ve faced adversity a lot of light not enough water not enough nutrients and there’s a whole theory that we have behind that but in general how do you know a plant has these molecules that i’m talking about stressed out molecules yeah so plants need to survive just like we do and those molecules uh they protect the animal and and the plant and when the plants get perceived adversity let’s take a a grape vine okay that you know make red wine out of and i.

you know i’m the guy that said red wine is good for you and resveratrol and that blew up 30 sales in red wine 2006 but uh so let’s take red wine so that before you pick the grape you typically you dry out the vines or you hope that there’s not enough rain and then the plant’s grapevine gets stressed out um not mentally stressed but you know it’s fearful that it could die so it starts making these what are called polyphenols and a phenol is just a ring of carbon with some hydrogens on it and poly obviously more so this resveratrol is two carbon rings with some little eight ohs oxygen hydrogen they make a ton of it and it’s bottled in red wine and that’s why one of the reasons why you probably have some health benefits when you drink red wine in moderation right and when you take resveratrol as a supplement it also has similar benefits it’s found in clinical trials wow so what in the supplemental form yeah.

yeah so i take i’ve been taking resveratrol myself for over a decade now uh probably 14 years is that what covers up the stitches yeah right actually people on the internet make fun of me they say you know you’ve had work done right right and i’m now 52 so what’s going up there 52. yeah wow yeah times stop that one right but anyway these molecules you’ll you know a plant has them when the plant is full of color so try to have a variety of colors don’t get the the white insipid lettuce get the get the bright orange whatever organic uh if they’ve been kept in a greenhouse at perfect temperatures that’s probably not the best.


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