Republican Women React to Trump’s Sexual Abuse Verdict: Mixed Responses

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual abuse and defamation against E Jean Carroll by a New York jury consisting of nine people. The BBC asked Republican women, who had voted for him in previous elections, for their reactions. While some of Mr. Trump’s strongest supporters continued to defend him, stating that he was the victim of a witch hunt, others believe that the verdict is further evidence that the Republican Party needs to find an alternative candidate for the 2024 elections.

Marge, who plans to vote for Trump again if he becomes the Republican nominee, is worried that this verdict will make him vulnerable in the general election. Kathleen is grateful for how Donald Trump pushed an anti-abortion agenda but says many of her friends want to move on from all the drama. She believes that the level of evidence required in criminal courts is pretty high and, as a Christian, wants to believe that everyone is telling the truth. However, in this case, she believes that two people are telling two different things.

Sheri, a Republican who voted for Trump twice before turning against him over his claims of election fraud in 2020, doesn’t think many people will be put off by this verdict. However, she believes that it’s atrocious and that no one with this background should be the President of the United States. Crystal is standing by the former president, but she worries that this trial will damage his re-election chances. She believes that this accusation is only meant to hurt his character in his upcoming run for the 2024 election. Overall, the verdict is a significant development, and its effects on the Republican Party and the 2024 election remain to be seen.

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