Perceptual Bias: Unveiling Reality Construction

Perceptual Bias: How Past Experiences Shape Perception

Research has demonstrated that lifestyle choices affect perception and cognition and maximize their cognitive health.

the exercises and a Mediterranean diet can help you overcome perceptual bias and improve your general cognitive performance.

Unveiling Perceptual Bias through EEG: The Brain’s Retention of Past Images

SISSA’s (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati) recent study has illuminated the neurological processes underlying this Cognitive distortion. The visual portion of the brain, the occipital cortex, was shown to store memories of previous pictures using EEG data. These traces affect how we interpret the present stimuli, which adds to the Cognitive bias.

The brain creates a “average” of previous and present visuals by combining sensory input from the present with information from the past. This process forms our impression of reality at the earliest stages of visual processing. Our brain creates reality instead of just reflecting it from the outside, heavily influenced by our expectations and prior experiences.


In conclusion, perceptual bias emerges from the dynamic interplay between recent inputs and our prior experiences, shaping our vision of reality.

This bias is amplified by the occipital brain, which holds onto remnants of previous pictures.

We get a deeper grasp of perception and the role that our prior experiences play in influencing it by dissecting the brain’s fabrication of reality.

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