The Hilltop Show v. Breitbart (Seven Months Later)

Seven months after the publication of their original article about us, we look back at our tiff with Breitbart News and talk about what we learned.

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Here’s the report we co-wrote with the Georgetown Review following the books’ removal:

Read our original op-ed response:

Here’s our mafia sketch recorded the same day the books were removed:

Here’s the Hoya article:

Here’s the Breitbart article:

Here’s the TeaParty247 article:

Here’s the catalog of the 36 worst books:

Hosted, Written, Edited, and Produced by Alexandra Bowman

Comment Readers: Chris Gold, Cheyenne Martin

“The Hilltop Show” is Georgetown University’s student political comedy show.
If you get your news from us, you have our condolences.



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