DOLLHOUSE [3.0] — the hollingsworths (degrassi + degrassi: next class)

tw: child abuse, addiction, gun violence

a promise is a promise… here’s my three-make of the dollhouse video with clips through to next class! sorry it took literal years, but I knew it had to be done right, and I had to get in the right mindset.

I love the hollingsfam for being one of the most dynamic and fucked-up experiences degrassi has explored. there have been times I’ve hated all of them, and times I’ve loved all of them even more. I laughed, I cried, I shook my fist menacingly at the tv screen. thanks, degrassi.

sorry about the voiceover quality… I won’t be winning any sound mixing awards any time soon haha

please watch in HD 🙂

i do not own degrassi or degrassi: next class
song: dollhouse by melanie martinez
remake of

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