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slowing down aging

Aging: How to Slowing Down Aging

At a certain age, for many, their body starts feeling like it’s falling apart.Medications pile up, doctor’s appointments fill the calendar.Aging is inevitable, but what if it wasn’t? Great news about aging that probably most of us don’t know is we actually have a lot more control over the aging …

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What is a SWOT analysis

what is a swot analysis and why is it helpful?

What is a SWOT analysis? SWOT Analysis or the Quadruple Swat Matrix, or the Quadruple Analysis Tool is one of the strategic analysis tools, and it is an analytical method that helps determine the points of weakness and strength, and realize the quality of threats and the nature of the …

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money laundering meaning

Money laundering meaning, the causes and stages and what is their impact on the country’s economy?

money laundering It is one of the economic crimes or white collar crime that entail legal penalties, and this process is based on transferring assets and funds resulting from illegal acts such as thefts, drug smuggling, people smuggling, human trafficking and tax evasion into legal assets and funds ostensibly, to hide the real source that comes from these funds.

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stock market

How does the stock market work?

Stock market The stock exchange or stock market, a market that collects, issues, and trades shares, bonds and other securities, allowing companies to support their capital by giving investors part of their ownership. The stock exchange is defined as the markets that include the presence of exchanges of securities within …

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the Phillips Curve

Definition, History and Objectives of the Phillips Curve

The Phillips curve is defined as one of the economic concepts developed by (Alban William Housego Phillips), which explains the relationship between unemployment and inflation as inverse and stable, and the theory states that economic growth is accompanied by inflation, and thus jobs increase, which reduces the unemployment rate. formulating …

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