Electric Vehicle Fee: Impact and Reactions


Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 505 into law on Saturday, establishing a new pricing schedule for Texans who own electric vehicles. The main points of the electric Vehicle Fee are examined in this article, along with insights into how it has affected people and how they have responded to it.

Electric Vehicle Fee Structure

According to Senate Bill 505, new electric car owners must pay a $400 registration cost on top of all other necessary expenses. to renew the registration of an electric Vehicle Fee, you need to pay $200. However, electric bikes, mopeds, and autocycles are exempt from this tax. Electric vehicle owners pay part of highway maintenance costs.

Concerns and Reactions

Tesla driver August Worley expresses dissatisfaction with the new laws and finds them annoying. The Dallas Morning News reports that the road has seen an addition of over 30,000 vehicles in the last year. Meanwhile, gas-powered car owners typically pay around $130 in state gas taxes annually. State highway fund receives funding from gas tax and electric car levy.

Perspectives on the Law

Kara Kockelman argues that a gas tax should be levied on conventional automobiles to support environmental initiatives.


According to Senate Bill 505, the new electric car levy will go into effect to provide fair contributions to the cost of maintaining roads. The electric car levy will bring in $38 million and $3.8 billion for Texas in 2024.

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