Annuity Companies | Do They Keep The Money When I Die?

Do annuity companies keep the money when I die? Can you customize the contract and drive it exactly what you want it to be? In this episode, I will talk about …


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1 thought on “Annuity Companies | Do They Keep The Money When I Die?

  • dan cussin

    (September 27, 2020 - 10:10 pm)

    I think the confusion is based on "Pensions"…most pension annuities do not let you keep the money…..when you die and your spouse dies…that's IT…the amount left….if any, does NOT go to your heirs. However, if you go out and take out an annuity on your OWN (like my parents did)..then NO…the company does NOT keep the money that is leftover. My parents annuity will pay them while they are both alive….upon both of their deaths…then the money will be left to me (their son). I"m not a big fan of annuities myself…HOWEVER, for certain types of people (like my parents) who absolutely WANT that guaranteed monthly paycheck regardless of the roller coaster ride the stock market is on and cannot sleep otherwise – I would go with annuities.

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